Ifeanyi Okpala
Federal Republic of Nigeria

Bio: WHO I AM: I am a young Engineer. Versatile, highly educated and proactive. Seeking more challenging opportunities in planning, design, procurement, logistics, construction and maintenance of residential and industrial infrastructure. WHAT I DO: I am currently involved in the investigation of subsurface conditions and materials; evaluation of stability of slopes; assessment of risks posed by site conditions and design and supervision of earthworks and structure foundations’ construction. I am also actively involved in the activities of a few engineering organizations and professional bodies as part of executive, member and brand ambassador. WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: I am smart and confident. I've been so very privileged to be mentored by great engineers and managers in companies I have worked in; and teachers in academia. The knowledge I've is because someone took the time to work on every aspect of who I am and what they knew I am capable of. It has given me the drive to expand my reach through my capabilities and continue to not only grow, but help others find drive to do the same. WHERE I HAVE WORKED: I've worked for a few great companies in Nigeria actively involved in the design, construction and supervision of geotechnical and other civil engineering structures. Also, I've been involved in Terminal/Facilities maintenance; in addition to a few organizational leadership roles and an ambassadorial role for a prominent engineering connect service. If you have any questions about this website, or just want to reach me, please send an email to ifeanyi.okpalau@gmail.com. I always respond…eventually. 🙂

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