Fresh KOKORO from ABEOKUTA: I Can Get Some For You Too


You can’t avoid it. In the streets, at junctions, in motor parks and all markets in the ancient city of Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria, KOKORO is always sold.

Kokoro (Nigerian Masa or Mosa) is a rod-like shaped crunchy snack. It is made from a paste of maize flour mixed with sugar and gari (cassava) or yam flour and deep-fried.

According to, in a study that aimed to find a version with improved nutrition value, it was found that de-fatted soybean or groundnut cake flour could be used, but the taste and texture were not acceptable at more than 10% of the total flour.

In affection for Yoruba delicacies –  KOKORO, I’ve bought a few for my folks at home and at work from ABEOKUTA.

Yes, I can get some for you too. 🙌😎

Just Ask.

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